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Acasta Systems is a multi-service company in St. Louis MO, that has the ability to buy, sell, and wholesale properties quickly and easily, while also providing homeowners with whole home property solutions in remodeling, rehab, and restoration. 

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A Short History of Our Business

Owner of Acasta Systems, Dennis Ciot, started in the construction industry back in 2005. He started with increasing his skill in painting for the first five months, learning all the tricks to getting a beautiful new look on the wall. At the end of 2005 into the beginning of 2006, Dennis transitioned into flooring, specializing in tile, hardwood, and laminate. For the next four years, he worked for a tile store and as a home designer, providing customers with high-end remodeling results.

About Dennis

Born and Raised in Kitchener ON Canada, First Job was a paperboy for the local newspaper, Started in the painting/framing Trades in 2005, After he graduated high school he pursued Flooring full-time for 4+ years, Moved to USA in 2010, Helped his Dad and Aunt build their dream homes for the next 2 years, Started Managing a warehouse for a trucking company in 2013, managed a horizontal directional drilling company in 2015, Started Acasta Systems in 2016. 

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The First Real Project

Dennis moved from Canada to the United States where he and his father began construction on their family home in November of 2010. From the ground up, they put together every part of their 2,500-square foot home together. His aunt, who was moving from the West Coast to the Midwest, loved their work so much, she hired them to construct her home as well. In 2011, Dennis and his father began construction on the aunt’s house, and once again from the ground up, they put together every part of her home. After finishing in the fall of 2011, Dennis started taking on remodeling and construction jobs from contractors and customers.

Back to Basics

In 2015, Dennis started his company Acasta Systems, LLC while getting into horizontal directional drilling. After finding out the risks associated with owning a drill crew business, he turned back to his passion for home rehabs and investing in 2017. July of that year, Dennis started to take on full force whole home solutions and rehabs once again. He then joined forces with other professionals and together, they have set their sights on providing homeowners and commercial building owners with whole solutions to their needs.

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